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Education experts on New Zealand - helping you achieve your potential


Koru: growing through education

Koru Education is a New Zealand-based consultancy offering a comprehensive range of services to international students looking to study in New Zealand. Koru was founded by a team of educators with considerable experience and expertise in the area of international student mobility and education counselling. At the core of our philosophy is the belief that education is the most valuable investment anyone can make for their own or their children's future. Studying abroad is a major, potentially life-changing decision, that requires very careful planning. Our mission is to help students make the right choices and assist them through every step of their journey. The koru, a Maori symbol for growth and renewal after which our company is named, provides an apt metaphor for what we are trying to achieve. 

Free, personalized, total quality service

At Koru, we believe that every student is unique in her / his abilities, interests and ambitions. This is why we take the time to know each student to help them find the institution and course of studies best suited to their academic and personal goals, taking only their own interests into consideration. We ensure that each student receives individual attention and support not only during the preparation stage, but right through to the end of her / his studies in New Zealand. All our services are entirely free for students, as we are remunerated by the partner institutions that we represent.

Helping you achieve your potential

Our aim is to help you fulfill your dreams and ambitions by gaining a qualification and skills that will open up a wealth of exciting career or academic opportunities for you. But we also want to ensure that your experience of studying and living in New Zealand will be fully successful and unforgettable in every respect. We are confident that through our expert advice and guidance we can help you achieve these goals.

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