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New Zealand is a great choice for students and their families looking for high-quality international school education. New Zealand schools meet the highest academic standards, as shown by the latest OECD international comparison programme PISA, in which New Zealand students' results in literacy, maths and science are among the best in the world. While striving for academic excellence, the New Zealand education system also places a strong emphasis on character-building and equipping students with valuable life skills for the future. Students are encouraged to think creatively and independently so that they can achieve their best and reach their potential. Small class sizes mean that they enjoy a lot of individual attention from their teachers.

Safety is an essential consideration for a child or teenager studying abroad away from their family. In this respect, New Zealand is also an excellent choice, offering one of the safest environments in the world, particularly compared to other English-speaking countries. It should also be noted that the New Zealand government has introduced a Code of Practice to protect international students, which all schools must follow. The Code provides an expectation of standards, advice and pastoral support to international students.


As schools are allowed to develop their own character and areas of excellence, there is a great diversity of institutions for international students and their families to choose from. Students can choose from schools that are girls only, boys only or have both. Accommodation options vary and include homestays and on-campus boarding facilities. Some schools are located in peaceful rural settings, while others are in busy urban areas. Finally, the choice of a high school may also depend on the types of qualifications it offers - NCEA, Cambridge or International Baccalaureate.  Our consultants are experts on the New Zealand education system and will be able to help you choose the school that is right for you or your child.


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ACG (Academic Colleges Group)

ACG is New Zealand's largest quality provider of private school education, with five co-educational day schools in Auckland and Tauranga. All ACG schools offer the University of Cambridge International Examinations: ICGSE, AS and A Levels. ACG Senior College also offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

Rangitoto College

Situated on the North Shore of Auckland, Rangitoto College is New Zealand’s largest secondary school. Rangitoto offers a wide range of subjects, sports, music and arts to students. Whether students have long-term academic goals or want a short overseas experience, attending Rangitoto College helps them perfect their English, experience a different way of life and prepare for success in the global economy.

Carmel College

Carmel College is a Catholic secondary school for girls located in Milford, on Auckland's North Shore. It is one of the top-ranked secondary schools in New Zealand, with a reputation for academic excellence.

Long Bay College

Long Bay College is a co-educational secondary school located in a beautiful setting on Auckland's North Shore, with an enrolment of 1,750 boys and girls. The school is committed to preparing students for a successful life by focusing on developing independence, excellence and a creative spirit in each student.

Tauranga Boys' College

Founded in 1958, Tauranga Boys College has gained a national reputation as one of the best state boys' schools in New Zealand. The school is committed to the pursuit of excellence. It provides expansive educational opportunities, and a positive, well-resourced and safe environment in which highly-qualified teachers strive to establish constructive learning relationships.

Tauranga Girls' College

Tauranga Girls’ College is a state single-sex secondary school with a roll of 1400 students. The school’s mission is to develop their students’ confidence, work ethic, initiative and leadership skills, to ensure their academic and personal successes in the future. ESOL and in-class assistance are provided as appropriate, and music and business subjects are particular strengths.

Whanganui High School

Whanganui High School is a modern, state funded, co-educational school of approximately 1500 students and over 160 staff. The school is located in the pleasant city of Whanganui, on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island. It provides a balanced education for its students from Year 9 through to Year 13 and prides itself on caring for individual students in a quality academic environment.

Wellington Girls College

Wellington Girls’ College is an all girls state high school with a roll of 1450 students including 60 international students from Asia and Europe.  Wellington Girls’ College has a long-standing reputation of excellent teaching and extra-curricular programmes and its national examination results are consistently amongst the top results for state high schools in NZ. 

Onslow College

Onslow College is a co-educational state secondary school located in the north-western suburbs of Wellington with a roll of 1250 students. Onslow provides an environment that encourages independence, self-discipline, and social responsibility with a student-centred philosophy and is renowned for fostering positive staff-student relationships.

St Andrew's College, Christchurch

St Andrew’s College is a leading independent, co-educational day and boarding school with a rich and exciting curriculum, and a world leading learning environment. Students are inspired and supported to reach their full potential and leave the school as confident, well-rounded young adults, who are prepared for life in today’s changing world. 

Avonside Girls' High School

A single-sex state high school located in Christchurch, Avonside Girls has a strong tradition of excellence in educating girls for their future and delivers a dynamic curriculum that enables each student to reach her potential. In 2019, Avonside will move to a brand new, custom-made campus with state-of-the-arts facilities which it will share with Shirley Boys' High School.

Shirley Boys High School

Shirley Boys' High School is a large state secondary school situated in Christchurch. The school offers quality single-sex education underpinned by four main pillars: academics, leadership, sports and culture, and community. In 2019, Shirley Boys will move into a brand new, custom-made campus with state-of-the-art facilities which it will share with Avonside Girls' High School.

Craighead Diocesan School

Craighead Diocesan School is a state-integrated Anglican girls school located in Timaru in the South Island. The school provides tuition from year 7 to 13 and has boarding facilities. International students are fully integrated into school classes and are supported academically with a specialist ESOL tutor. They are encouraged to immerse themselves in the school's culture and the New Zealand way of life.

Darfield High School

Darfield High School is a co-educational, Year 7 to Year 13 school, located in rural Canterbury. The school provides an environment in which each student is supported to gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for successful and confident living. There are currently over 800 students studying at Darfield High School.

Kavanagh College

Kavanagh College is a Catholic, co-educational secondary school located in central Dunedin. The school places considerable emphasis on personal development, spiritual growth, leadership and community awareness. Kavanagh College is recognised as one of Otago's leading achievers in secondary education.

George Street Normal School

Situated in central Dunedin, George Street Normal School is a co-educational state primary school with high standards and an enviable reputation. The school welcomes international students between the ages of 5 and 11 regardless of their level of English and offers them many opportunities in a caring environment. Well established programmes of support exist for children who are new speakers of English.

Mount Maunganui Primary School

Mount Maunganui is a boutique primary school located in Tauranga in the North Island. The school offers rich, varied and targeted programmes designed to create motivated learners who think for themselves, communicate and interact effectively. International students are welcome and special care is taken to address their particular needs.

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